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5 Ways to Deliver a Quality Presentation

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Public speaking and the ability to deliver a quality presentation can feel like an overwhelming task, however for many of us professionals it can often be a fundamental part of our role.  Whether you are presenting at a staff meeting or to external customers, your key goal is to ensure that you deliver your message in a clear, concise and interesting way.   If your audience do not understand what you are saying and are not fully engaged, then the chances of them remembering the information is minimal.

So, whether you are pitching a product or presenting your business plans, here are five ways to deliver an unforgettable presentation.


Show Passion & Connect with your Audience

First and foremost, breath in, breath out and relax.

One of the most important things to do when you deliver your presentation, is to connect with your audience.  The best way to do this is to smile and make good eye contact, be animated, be authentic and let them see how passionate you are.  Be truthful with your audience about your message and why it matters, by exemplifying your passion, your audience will inevitably respond.

When you smile and make eye contact, you automatically build rapport which in turn helps your audience to connect with your topic.


Keep it Simple

Focus on your key message(s) and keep it simple, simple.

When you are preparing your presentation, it is imperative that you build it on your core message or 3 key points for your audience to take away.

Your core message needs to be succinct and everything you say needs to contribute to it.  If it’s not relevant, do not say it.  Do not waffle and do not go down tangent boulevard.  Extravagant talks crammed with tons of facts and figures or long words that you cannot pronounce, will inevitably overwhelm you and your audience.

By keeping it simple, your audience will easily grasp the messages that you are conveying.


Focus on Audience Needs  

Put your audience needs at the heart of your presentation.

When you are creating your presentation, you need to really focus on what your audience needs and wants to know.  Do your research thoroughly beforehand to ascertain what your audience is looking for and expecting from your presentation.

Whilst you are delivering your presentation, it is important to be mindful of your audience’s reaction and respond to them accordingly.


Tell Stories

Everyone loves a good story.

Stories captivate us, they help us to pay attention and remember things.

Constructing your presentation like you telling a story, enables you to take your audience on a journey which will in turn increase their engagement.

If you use stories within your presentation your audience is likely to remember the points that you made.

To bring your stories to life, you might want to use a mobile dry wipe board to explain and or illustrate your key points.


Encourage Audience Participation

Involve your audience, ask them questions and ask them to write the answer on a dry wipe mobile board.  Evoke their point of view or ask them to help with a demonstration.  Most people have very short attention spans, so try to do something interactive every ten minutes if your presentation is over twenty minutes long.


Most importantly of all, if you can relax, you will present better and you may even enjoy yourself.  When this happens, your audience will react favorably, and their engagement levels will increase.  With these top 5 tips in mind together with a bit of practice, your presenting will improve, as will your confidence.

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