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Bring Inspiration to your Boardroom

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Boardrooms are not the ideal location for inspiring and enhancing creativity.  Most boardrooms are highly functional, boasting long tables, uncomfortable seats and a projector screen.  Is it any wonder that attendees find themselves unproductive during meetings and struggle to concentrate?

If you are looking for ideas on how you can rejuvenate your boardroom, inspire attendees and encourage collaboration, then please read on.


Comfortable Seating

Meetings can be lengthy events that often go on for hours.  If your boardroom chairs are uncomfortable, then the people sat in them will not be attentive or interested in what’s being discussed, they will just want to get out of them as soon as possible.  By providing proper lumber support, your team will stay comfortable, attentive and productive.


Refreshments & Energising Snacks

Many people lose focus, not because they are bored but because they are hungry.  By providing refreshments and offering energising snacks, attendees hunger can be kept at bay during extensive presentations and lengthy discussions.  A large jar of sweets on the side can also go a long way in keeping attendees cheerful and upbeat.



Too many visuals can be overstimulating and distracting, that said there is nothing worse than starring at a boardrooms bare walls.  Add a splash of colour to your boardroom by adding a visual or two, this can help with employee engagement, but remember, less can very often be more.


Brainstorming Games

Make your meetings fun and informative.  Encourage creativity and engagement from attendees by setting up brainstorming games around the table, a Mobile Dry Wipe Board is the perfect tool for these types of games.  Whiteboards are a great creative tool for brainstorming and networking, the white space enables attendees to explain and express themselves however they like, such as with pictures or diagrams as oppose to words.  Whiteboards are also the perfect tool for keeping everyone in tune with the agenda and next steps.


Plant Décor

Even with all the above ideas in place, the meeting boardroom can still feel a little bit lifeless and a tad sterile.  A fantastic way to overcome this is by adding some live plants and some fresh flowers.

Introducing plants to an office environment provides many scientifically proven physical and psychological benefits such as reduction in stress, increase in productivity, cleaner air to breathe and increased creativity.  Examples of plants that will thrive in the office setting include Aloe, Spider plants, Cactus, Rubber Plant and Peace Lilly.

What would you like to see in your boardroom that would inspire your creativity?  Please feel free to leave us a comment.

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