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5 Ways to Bring More Fun to the Classroom

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Teaching children with different abilities and varying levels of motivation can be a challenging task.  Having spent hours preparing your lessons, you look out over your pupils only to find little Tommy slouching over his desk and little Isabella starring into space.  If your pupils are not fully engaged and paying attention to what you are saying, then the chances of them absorbing and learning the information are relatively low.

“Adding fun to learning creates the best educational experience possible.”  Tamara L Chilver

If you want your pupils to stay interested, motivated and engaged in the material that you are delivering, then it is essential to make learning fun.

Here are five suggestions that you can easily incorporate into your lessons:


  1. Give pupils choice

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” 

Brian Herbert 


Give your pupils the opportunity to decide what or how they are going to learn.  Choice can be a strong motivator because it helps to stimulate and promote pupil’s interest.  By creating a list of valuable choices for children which you can write up on your school magnetic dry wipe whiteboard, you are essentially giving them a sense of purpose and independence.


  1. Create classroom games

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.”  Alfred Mercier


No matter what age you are, everybody likes to play games.  They are a fantastic way to get and keep people engaged and the fact that they are fun is a bonus.  When you play educational games with your pupils, it won’t even feel like they are learning because they will be so immersed in the game itself.

School Dry wipe magnetic whiteboards are the perfect tool for performing classroom games and can effectively be used to engage pupils, aid communication and facilitate interaction.  Which leads nicely on to the next suggestion of involvement.


  1. Involve pupils

“Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.”  Benjamin Franklin

Standing at the front of the class and lecturing pupils can be boring for both the teacher and the students.  Look to make your lessons interactive by involving pupils in every aspect and creating hands on practical activities.  By involving pupils and making your lessons collaborative you will bring more fun to your classroom and you will inevitably keep your pupils captivated.



  1. Let pupils create things

“Having fun doing what you do ignites your creativity.”  Saurav R Tiberewaal

Make time for creativity in your classroom.

Creative classrooms look different, they are full of colour, they feel different.  And as such, they provide an environment where pupils are more likely to articulate their ideas, challenge problems with novel solutions, think outside the box, and most significantly, learn faster and more effectively.


  1. Show off pupil’s work

 “Learning, without any opportunities to share what we’ve learned is like cooking for ourselves; we do it, but we probably won’t do it as well.”  Mike Schmoker

Putting your pupil’s artwork on display is a fantastic and easy way to make a creative classroom as per the above point and at the same time, it gives you the opportunity to praise your pupils for the work they have done.  Pupils are excited when their work is shared and displayed.  Through praise pupils are motivated and this encourages them to be creative.  It’s win, win all round.

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