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5 Benefits of Buying Your Child a Wedge Jotter Pack for Christmas

Knowing what to buy children for Christmas can be a huge challenge.  Kids these days seem to have everything and with the vast array of children’s toys and games out there on the market, it is very difficult to be imaginative and find a present that they will play with for more than five minutes.

If you are anything like me, not only is it important to find a present that your children will enjoy playing with, it is crucial that the product you buy is high quality, built to last and provides added value.

So what type of present fits this criterion?

Well the answer is Kids Whiteboards such as the Wedge Jotter Pack.


Here are five benefits of buying a children’s magnetic, dry wipe whiteboard for Christmas

Can be used with magnetic letters, numbers and pattern block shapes

Magnetic letters, numbers and shapes are a fantastic and fun way to promote a variety of early literacy skills.  Children love playing with these bright and colourful magnetic accessories.  The letters can be used to teach the alphabet or to help with spellings.  The numbers can be used to teach counting or to help with sums.  And magnetic pattern blocks are great for children to make pictures with.


Can be used for drawing

Children absolutely love to doodle and draw.  The Wedge Jotter set is perfect for this as it comes with x4 colour dry wipe pens.  As well as being magnetic, this lap board is also dry erase, so when your child has finished their drawing they can easily rub it out with the magnetic board rubber and start all over again – saving paper and the planet at the same time!


Can be used for practising writing

The Wedge Jotter board is a perfect tool for helping children with their handwriting development and posture.

The Wedge Jotter has integrated flip out legs which provides an excellent writing slope, enabling children to work and write at an ideal angle in either landscape or portrait position.

For further details on the benefits of writing on an angled board visit:



Can be used to play games

The whiteboard area on the Wedge Jotter is H32cm x W22cm, so the writing surface is 15% larger than an A4 sheet making it perfect for playing games like noughts and crosses or hangman.


Can be used anywhere

And last but by no means least, the Wedge Jotter is light in weight, so it can be used anywhere.  With so many different uses, the Wedge Jotter will keep children entertained for hours, whether it’s on long journeys in the car or at grandma’s house.


As you can see, children’s whiteboards can be used in so many ways, making them fun and engaging for educational play at home.   But they are also great for adults too – they are perfect for leaving messages or reminders; the wedge jotter features hanging points which enables the board to be wall mounted either horizontally or vertically, so great for jotting down your to do list!

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