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5 Fantastic Ways to Keep Children Entertained on Long Journeys

With the school holidays officially here, many families across the UK will be heading off on their eagerly awaited Summer Holiday and are also likely to be planning lots of fun days out, both of which will invariably involve a long car journey.

Nothing ruins a road trip faster than bored children.  A well-stocked activity bag will help to refrain the bickering and arguments, and the ‘are we nearly there yet?’  How comprehensive your activity bag needs to be will depend on the length of your trip, how many children you’ll be entertaining, the children’s ages and of course their attention span.

Here are five fabulous ways to keep your children entertained on long journeys:

  1. Enthuse the children about the destination

Talk to your children about where you are going.  Tell them why you are going, how long it will take to get there, and talk to them about all the things that you can do once you’re there.  Encourage them to ask questions and then ask them what they are looking forward to.

  1. Whiteboard and dry erase pens

With a portable dry wipe whiteboard children can draw, play naughts and crosses and hangman, or write notes to each other, then rub it all off and start again.

  1. Magnetic letters, numbers, & shapes

The Wedge Jotter portable dry wipe whiteboard is also magnetic and can be used with an assortment of magnetic letters, numbers and shapes.

  1. Instant film cameras

Yes, these are still available!  These cameras push out small instant photographs and are lots of fun. Children can take silly pictures of themselves or capture images for their trip notebook.

  1. Audiobooks:

Starting from age 3, most children can follow a more complex storyline and audiobooks are a great way to pass time on the road.

We would love to hear your ideas on how you keep your children entertained on long journeys, please feel free to leave us a comment.

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