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Wedge Jotter Pack Review by Childminder – Samantha Goldsworthy

The children were keen to unwrap the parcel and were amazed at the new Kids Whiteboards.  The Wedge Jotter packs are fantastic and have been used at every opportunity so far.

The boys are reluctant mark markers and took the boards outside as they are very portable and lightweight, to sit by the pond and write what they saw – they wrote ‘frog’ copying the words that we wrote.  This activity then moved onto rhyming, the children could form recognisable letters on the boards as they are slanted which helps.  The ‘reluctant writers’ are keen to write on these boards as they are fun, different and also any errors are wipeable, so the child isn’t upset as the error gets wiped away rather than with paper as it’s still there, so they bounce back after difficulty really quickly.

These boards have been used daily for observational drawing of our caterpillars and butterflies, writing what the Hungry Caterpillar ate and even taken to watch the older children at sports day – they drew the children running whilst sat on the grass.

The children also practiced recognising and writing their names getting ready for school. One little boy would not come near a pen – he kept saying no if I asked him, however when he saw the whiteboards he was keen to have a ‘try’ and copied some of the letters.  He was so proud of himself, bless him.

The boards are a very rich tool for the EYFS curriculum – I found it helps with mark making, using the tripod grip, wanting to form recognisable letters, rhyming, giving meaning to marks – pictures and words which in turn leads to increased self-confidence of the child.

In a nutshell, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Wedge Jotter pack to all parents and childminders with children between the ages of 3-6 years old.

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