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Wedge Jotter Sets … Not Just for Christmas

It’s that time of year when we start to think about gearing up for Christmas.  Knowing what to buy the children can be extremely difficult, especially when you are looking for a gift that they will play with for more than five minutes, a gift that will stand the ‘test of time’.

If you are looking for a creative and fun present, that doesn’t require batteries, will keep your child away from a screen and will help them learn as they play – then look no further…. Our Wedge Jotter set range provides the perfect gift solution.

Wedge Jotter Set with Numbers & Symbols contains:

  • Wedge Jotter Whiteboard
  • x4 Dry Wipe pens
  • x1 Board Rubber
  • 250 Geometric Magnetic Foam Pattern Block Shapes
  • Magnetic Pattern blocks contains 50 x Equilateral Triangles, 25 x Squares, 50 x Isosceles Trapezoids, 25 x Regular Hexagons, 50 x Parallelograms, 50 x Rhombi (Diamonds)

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