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Product Reviews

A2 Wedge

“I use mine with my team so I have an overview of what they are working on.  Most of the time though I use it for sketching out options with team members.  The highlights are a useful way of showing my Manager what we are working on.”

Team Leader

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“Most people in my office use it as an impromptu discussion tool.  Everybody seems to communicate better when they can sketch it out.”

Office Manager

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A3 Wedge

“It works really well.  I have a small team and its part of our process to review and update the whiteboard in terms of actions and deadlines.”

Customer Services Manager


A2 Folding Wedge Landscape

“I use my Wedge to quickly sketch out diagrams of how some of our internal systems play together when I’m talking shop with people who come to me.  It is a great conversation tool when it looks like you’re losing the person you’re talking to.”

Operations Manager

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“I use mine for big-picture thinking if I’m drafting something complex.  It allows me to stop thinking about word choice and the like and focus on the structure of the document.”


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A2 Folding Wedge Portrait

“I use this whiteboard for my Kanban board— it’s a great way to keep yourself and colleagues abreast of where your workload and progress.”

Production Manager

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“I echo using this for your Kanban board.  It is really a powerful way to get a visual overview of where you stand in your workflow.”

Quality Manager


“I had it as a calendar for everyone to see easily – so not just me, but my team and my bosses team for crossover stuff.  It meant anyone ducking in to see me on a Wednesday could see that I was at an event, or my assistant was on leave and so on.  I also had lists and things like that up there.”

Events Manager

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A3 Folding Wedge Landscape

“I use mine to keep track of the gross outline of my to-do list, and nightly to put up reminders of little unfinished tasks I need to pick up with the next morning that are not necessarily appropriate for the to-do list (“grab X for quick chat”).  So, the big picture and the little details but not the in-between or routine stuff.”

Finance Manager


A3 Folding Wedge Portrait

“I use this for my main to do list.  It gives me a peaceful feeling of organization and of being in charge, rather than being reactive.  There’s something very satisfying about physically crossing items off my to do list as I complete them.”

Managing Director


A4 Jotter

“I can’t fault my Wedge Whiteboard for making day-to-day work life considerably easier.”


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“I use this for my To-do list.  I used to use my email inbox as you do, but found that having a globally-writable to-do list was not ideal.”


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Pack of 3 Board Rubbers

“Simple and effective, does the job.”

Sales Co-ordinator


Pack of 36 Dry Wipe Pens – Assorted Colours

“Perfect quality, highly recommend.”

Office Manager


Pack of 36 Dry Wipe Pens – Black

“Good pens, write well, good colour. Easy to rub off.”

Production Planner