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Commercial Sector

Exclusive range of magnetic dry-erase whiteboards suitable for business and commercial use.

Wedge Whiteboards are a high quality, engaging range of dry erase, magnetic boards that have a multitude of business uses throughout any office.

When considering productivity, there are many factors to think about within the work environment.  Effective communication is crucial and Wedge Whiteboards can help as they provide individuals with a medium where they become a collective. Wedge dry erase whiteboards encourage teamwork and the sharing of ideas helping to take your company to the next level.

Wedge Whiteboards are suited to a wide range of business tasks including brainstorming, training sessions, planning, notes, diagrams, presentations and ideas.  Our range of whiteboards are light in weight and easily transportable, making them an ideal visual aid for use in offices and for mobile professionals.

To learn more about how Wedge Whiteboards can help with your business, take a look at our product reviews page to see how some of our customers use their Wedge and what they say about them or see our creative uses page for more ideas.

Using dry erase Wedge Whiteboards fosters creativity, collaboration, team building and productivity, essential ingredients for business success.