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A2 Wedge

“Absolutely love using Wedge Whiteboards with my pupils, it’s just so fun to doodle and draw on the boards.”
EYFS Teacher

“I use mine for spelling/phonics practice.  We make words on the A2 Wedge Whiteboard with the vowel or blend.  We start with a word, leaving the part we are working with such as the “aw” sound.  We keep creating words.  I would say “Start with caw, now erase the c and add dr, then erase the r and add a letter to make the word dawn.”  The children love it and it is great word work.”
KS2 Teacher

“I use my A2 Wedge Whiteboard all the time.  I use it for literacy, mathematics practice and creative work. My pupils love to draw on it during indoor break.  I also use it for assessments to see if my pupils are on track for certain skills.”
KS2 Teacher

“I use my A2 Wedge for daily phonics sessions which includes learning to spell several high frequency words and common irregular words.”
KS1 Teacher

“Each class has two A2 Wedge Whiteboards to support teaching of guided writing.”
Head of EYFS

“The A2 Wedge is fantastic, I use it most days in the classroom with the whole class and at individual tables as it is light in weight, and very portable.”
KS1 Teacher