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Creative Uses

Wedge Whiteboards can be used in many ways throughout your home.

Chalkboards and blackboards are fun and used to be very popular but they have now been superseded by whiteboards.

Whiteboards are equally as efficient however, they are less messy, can be hugely beneficial and much more practical for all household members, not just for children.

Below is a list of ideas of how our clean and simple Wedge Whiteboards can be effortlessly used throughout your home.

Cook up a storm …

In the kitchen, there are lots of things that you need to write down on paper, or even better on the A4 Wedge Jotter board.  Recipes, grocery lists, schedules and messages are just a few examples.

Wakey Wakey Rise and Shine…

A child’s bedroom could benefit from an A2 or A3 Folding Wedge whiteboard. It can be helpful for organizing their timetable, jotting down all the things they want to do, the titles of the films they would like to watch, to write down inspirational messages or simply doodle something to cheer up the atmosphere.

Children love to write, doodle and draw, a whiteboard gives them the freedom to do that in a clean and controlled setting.  It’s a way of letting them express their creativity and a way of giving them some freedom.

Welcome home…

A hallway could very much benefit from the presence of a Wedge Jotter.  Perfect for writing down messages for other people or for writing down a set of rules, reminders or a simple welcome for the guests.  The Wedge Jotter features hanging points enabling the board to be wall mounted either horizontally or vertically.

The Home Office…

There is one more place where any of our Wedge Whiteboards would be very useful and that’s your office.  In a home office, you can have a Wedge Jotter mounted on your wall or even an A3 Folding Wedge Whiteboard set up by your desk.  This will allow you to better organize your thoughts and will give you a space where you can write and erase, calculate things and organize your ideas.

    • Daily task list –
      Write your ‘To Do’ list on the Wedge Jotter and hang it on the wall next to your work station.
      The Wedge Jotter is slightly larger than a piece of A4 paper.  Its small size helps keep lists to remain at a manageable length.
      Easily see at a glance what you need to do.  It’s quick and easy to add new tasks.
    • Pending Area –
      Wedge Whiteboards are magnetic, so you can attach your pending items to it – paperwork, receipts, letters etc. that you receive but don’t know where to file yet.  By doing this, you will eradicate the clutter from your desk while keeping the documents accessible.
    • Calendar –
      You can draw a calendar template on your Wedge Whiteboard and just fill out the dates and days each month.