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Whiteboards For Home And Education

Get creative with our range of
quality portable whiteboards for
multiple uses around the home.


Whiteboards For Home And Education

Get creative with our range of
quality portable whiteboards for
multiple uses around the home.



Whiteboards For Home And Education

Get creative with our range of
quality portable whiteboards for
multiple uses around the home.



Product Reviews

A2 Wedge

“My children use the A2 Wedge in their play room, we often use it for homework and the children also use it to draw and play games on.”

Katie, Mother

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“I purchased the A2 Wedge for my 5-year-old son.  We use the whiteboard for educational purposes although my son originally asked for the whiteboard for Christmas so that he can do role play when teaching his group of toys.


We have used the whiteboard for spelling, we are also intending to use it for maths when we buy the magnetic numbers.  We have also been using it for charts and are currently compiling a list of birds we see in the garden, how many days we see them and their identity.

The board is so light, it is easy to move from room to room.  We use the wedge in the back room when charting for birds and wildlife, in the kitchen for spellings, and in the living room for role play.  We use it daily when compiling a chart and a couple of times a week for spelling.

I most definitely would recommend this product.”

Nicola, Mother


My kids absolutely love this whiteboard, my daughter is 6 and my son is 4, she loves to play teacher and my son just likes to draw rockets.

Sally, Mother

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A3 Wedge

Great design which incorporates each end as a pen holder and whiteboard eraser, also double sided so 2 children can use it at the same time for different projects.

Excellent value for money, you can see it’s made from high quality materials which are built to last.

Charlie, Mother

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Fab product.  Can be used in so many ways.

Beth, Mother


We use ours to leave reminders and notes for each other.

Sharon, Mother


We like the Wedge as it is well made and robust, also seeing that it is used in schools was a good indication of the durability of the product.

Fiona, Mother


My daughter uses one side of the Wedge as a noticeboard and the other to plan out her homework.

Karin, Mother


My children use their A3 Wedge for doing homework and for playing schools.

Julia, Mother


Excellent quality, well made.  It’s light in weight for the children to carry and use all over the house.  I like it, because it folds away and can be stored easily.

Heather, Mother

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Wedge Jotter

My little boy is 6 and requested this for Christmas, he absolutely loves it.

Katy, Mother

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I purchased 3 Wedge Jotters for Christmas presents for two little boys and one little girl, all age 3.  The children use the boards to practise writing and drawing.  I like the fact that you get a pen and eraser in the package with it.

Karen, Mother


My daughter uses the Wedge white board jotter for her poetry magnetic words.

Nicola, Mother


Good sturdy product. Little legs on the back adjust the height. Wipes clean easily. I like the magnet on the pen.

Naomi, Mother


Great for long journeys in the car or on the train, keeps the children entertained for hours.

Mike, Father


Very good quality product, very useful, pen is still working, very happy with this purchase, quick delivery.

Nickii, Mother


Great item for my son who enjoys practising writing now.

Fiona, Mother


Excellent product and great service.

Tina, Mother

My son enjoys scribbling and drawing on this white bord.  If he drops this on the floor I just know it won’t break.

Stacey, Mother



Great for keeping a little one occupied on a rainy day.

Chloe, Mother


Does exactly what it says on the tin. Great for the little ones to draw and wipes away easily ready for the next drawing.

Mia, Mother


I use the Wedge Jotter as a communication tool with my patients.  I use them to communicate and engage patients in their care plan.

Joanne, Healthcare Provider

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Upper Case Letters


Fiona, Mother

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Nice, a lot of letters.

Heather, Mother


Highly recommend.

Daniel, Father


Great present and an easy way of learning words and letters for little children.

Steve, Father


Quite light, good for little fingers.

Beverley, Mother


Perfect for my grandchildren to learn their spelling and at a good price.

Donald, Grandfather


These magnetic letters are very good.

Very good value for money as there are a large number of letters enabling many words to be created.

John, Father


Very Good.  The size of each letter is good.  Easy for little ones to hold and play with. If you’re looking at starting your kids on spelling, then it’s a good starting point.

Polly, Mother

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Lower Case Letters

Just like the ones I had as a kid.

James, Father

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My 3-year-old loves these. I was looking for lower case letters and didn’t want ones with an odd shaped ‘g’ or ‘a’, or any others to be honest. These are perfect! I’m now going to buy some upper-case ones which will finish it all off nicely.  Great educational product.

Kate, Mother


Bought this product for my pre-school Granddaughter who loves to make up simple words and family names with all the letters.  She doesn’t realise she is learning, it is just fun!

Annie, Grandmother


Bought for toddler. very pleased, we’ve had lots of fun. good clear letters, plenty of them.  Adequate magnets so letters stay where you put them.  Will be purchasing the capital letters in the future but not ready for them yet.

Gill, Mother


A good selection of letters, that are well made and have good magnets.  I am not sure if the children or the adults have the most fun playing with them.

Kaye, Mother


These magnetic letters are brightly coloured and the perfect size for little hands.  My grandson likes making words with them to.

Karen, Grandmother


Great product, bought with magnetic numbers, durable material and kids love playing with them!

Matthew, Father


Lots of letters makes it possible to make sentences.
My daughter, 2.5 years, is already having lots of fun finding matching letters as she only knows the letter sounds.  Hopefully it should help her learn to read and spell.
Also in terms of value it was the cheapest I’ve found with the number of letters that you get in the box.

Meg, Mother


Endless hours of fun.  I am very pleased with this product. Multiple letters make forming lots of easy words possible.  Nice bright colours and the letters are not too big.  All adults want to have a go too.

Alison, Mother


The magnets are good quality.

Daniel, Father


Excellent value.

Lauren, Mother


Good selection of letters and size is perfect for my five-year old.

Louise, Mother


Good value.  Plenty of letters for making first words. I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone with a young person to educate.

Joanna, Mother


Nice toy. I recall from the time I had mine too.
My daughter loves to play with them.  She’s 3 years old.
Tanya, Mother

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Magnetic Numbers & Symbols 

Good quality, arrived much quicker than stated, good value for money

Jack, Father

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Bought this item form my 4-year-old Granddaughter, who is soon to start school.  Definitely of great educational value.  She gets the pot out on a regular basis and is learning through play.

Annie, Grandmother

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Magnetic Pattern Blocks

Excellent quality product.

Pauline, Grandmother

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Good educational toy.

Sarah, Mother

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Pack of 3 Board Rubbers

Work well on dry wipe board.  Really great buy for the money and well made ideal for my little boy’s wedge whiteboard.  Would recommend these and I would buy again.  Good service and fast delivery.

Denise, Mother

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Bright colours and smallish size make these ideal for kids.

Christie, Mother


Work well and very durable.

Caroline, Mother



Josh, Father

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Pack of 36 Dry Wipe Pens – Mixed Colours

Excellent value

Stephanie, Mother


A3 Wedge

This is one of our best buys to date, we have two, one we gave to our sons school and one for home.

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Our youngest Edward (5 years old) has cerebral palsy and whilst we are lucky enough to have him in mainstream education he suffers with fine motor control so holding a pencil and writing on a flat surface are almost impossible and also painful, with the Wedge its so much better. The product is solid, it’s not flimsy or easy to push over, so it sits nicely on a school desk and allows his teachers to photograph his work to create a physical copy, we do have touch screens etc but as he can’t always apply the correct pressure to the screen the Wedge is a perfect compromise.

The Wedge has helped tremendously with Edwards writing and drawing over the last few months and for any parent in a similar position I would highly recommend this board.

In addition the board also is great with magnet numbers and letters.

Joanne, Mother

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