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Top Tips

Here are a few tips for using Wedge Whiteboards effectively in your classroom.

  1. Clean the board first
    Some teachers like to put some information up on the whiteboard before class. However, if you prefer to write as you go, make sure you clean the board thoroughly before class starts, and make sure you have a dry wipe whiteboard eraser to hand.
  2. Make sure the inkwell doesn’t go dry
    There is nothing worse than trying to use a whiteboard with a dry erase pen that has gone dry. The marker squeaks and the writing is illegible.  If you need some new dry erase pens click here.
  3. Keep your handwriting large and legible
    Avoid scribbling something on the board and expecting the pupils at the back to be able to read it. If it’s worth writing on the board, it’s worth writing it legibly.  Fill the board from left to right and top to bottom.
  4. Don’t erase without asking first
    Having done a brilliant job of answering a question or illustrating a point with a flashy whiteboard presentation full of words, arrows, and exclamation points, make sure you give your pupils enough time to copy the good content. Some of your pupils may take notes as you write on the board and others will watch and listen. Before you erase the board to start a new topic, ask the class, “Did everybody get a chance to copy whatever they needed from the whiteboard?”
  5. Take a picture
    If you consistently do a great job of summarising an important lesson on your whiteboard, consider bringing a camera to class. Before you erase the board, take a picture.  You can refer to the picture the next time you prepare to teach the same class.